Right wing satanic panic

Before I begin I warn this content may offend and or shock you I do not apologize truth is not apologetic.
p.s this will also be a rant

Every election season it seems that more and more people come out claiming s.r.a satanic.ritual abuse or accuse others especially high ranking members of society of satanic ritual abuse.
and while I do not deny that ritualistic abuse happens it I must make it clear that it is not satanic nor does it have any connection to satanism or the rituals that satanists practice.

This election season we have a group called Q WHO make the claim that democrats are satanic baby eaters this has been something people tried with the last election season calling Hillary clinton a baby eater.
lets say for sake of argument that the clintons are apart of a worldwide elite cult that eats kids where is the proof that these are the actions of satanists?

The largest terror organization in history the christian religion invented the devil and the media image of satanism to cover up their own misdeeds and a figure to place blame on so that they do not need to accept responsibility
those who control the media control the narrative.

Donald Trump a man that represents the christian anti christ has embraced christian fascism in order to maintain a solid base of voters.
the average trump voter is a white middle class Christian who wants nothing more than to serve their god and make others do the same in the name of goodness at any cost.
their hatred for homosexuality,transgender,abortion rights and non whites are is excused and justified by their bible their so called god.
Trump plays these people like a fiddle and they are blind to it.
or maybe they just do not care as long as someone is supporting their sadistic agenda.

let me remind you that in the christian religion “god”not their fictional devil killed babies,children,women and brought plague and starvation to innocent people he allows rape,murder,cancer,child abuse ,racism,slavery and other atrocities all while he sits back watches with a smile.
This is not a god of love this is a sadistic abusive being and christians are in an abusive relationship with their so called god.

Christians know the devil very well they call him god and lets not confuse all of this with the actual satanism/satanism
satan is not out doing any of these things in fact satan does the opposite
the solar deity Marduk is who your christian god really is do the research and you shall see for yourself that the solar deity is vile and cruel while nocturnal deities are peaceful and compassionate.

while these far right christian fascist movements preach that satanists are trying to create a new world order they are right in a sense yes we wish to change the world to be. a better place with out the sadistic christian god.
but we are not violent for the sake of being violent we do not ritualistically harm children or any living being and anyone who says so is slandering us and creating fear which leads to harm

We are not dwelling in the basements of pizza restaurants we are not protecting Hillary clinton or Donald Trump who are actual crime partners.
we seek and expose the truth.
those of you promoting far right christian fascism about sra are a problem and are being used as psyop puppets.
every innocent satanist who is harmed and or harassed by your disinformation is blood on your hands and for everyone of us that falls one of you shall suffer a worse fate let it be done hail satan.


Q annon and other controlled op.

Q annon and other controlled op.


What I never understood is how intelligent truth seekers are so easily manipulated.
we all know that Zionists own the majority of social media and they often ban content that exposes them labeling the authors as anti semites.
But criticizing Zionism is not anti semitic and intelligent people know this!

Q annon is obviously a joke created by the Zionists to throw people off the trail of their actual filthy crimes against the world.
yes child trafficking possession and all the shit they talk about is real.
However these crimes are not the act of “liberal Satanists”

The god of Zionism Marduk a.k.a Moloch is not Satan in fact he is the god of Abraham.
Zionists know this cover up and it is considered “secret knowledge”
These people use their knowledge and social media and regular media to manipulate people.

You know that people are booted off social media platforms for stupid little things
the elite would not ever tolerate such damaging truths to be posted.

They who run the show script all of this and play you as fools and you believe them.
But why are they doing this?
it is obvious it is to create division a united “states” or people would fight back divided they fight each other. its simple psychological warfare a little kid knows this.

Why do you allow yourselves to be sheep?
you have been given free will to fight and the knowledge to take over but you rather be complacent and lazy and believe you are creating change by typing a few words on a screen or sharing a post.