Legal recognition means accountability

Legal recognition means accountability

It has been known for years that the church of leviathan which is the legal standing branch of the Traditional church of Satan has been recognized by the state of Massachusetts as a legal organization with a certified legal existence.
It is argued among facebook “cults” that this church is fake and that anyone can get such a certificate.

Members of a particular group (children of the serpent) have slandered this legal entity stating we are a hate group  and that I have no actual occult knowledge that I am fake and our  church is fake and a scam.
However what these people do not mention to you is that Kaitlin white the girlfriend of Teala curtis and fellow owner of the facebook cult (children of the serpent) has stole real money from our church when she worked for us as member director and donations acceptor.

This was talked about briefly in the past  and Katlin has never returned the money that she owes us. Not only that but she did not send the money to the proper account so that orders could be properly filed she ripped people off and blamed the church.
all orders have been fulfilled at my own personal expense.

It seems that now Katlin is being accused of using her girlfriends organization as a way to embezzle money and that Teala may even be behind it also.
I found the following review on their facebook cult page.

If what the allegation says is true this person has been ripped off 60 dollars with out a way to report it because Children of the serpent have not filed the proper paperwork to operate as a religious organization.
Yes any organization can obtain certification if they meet the definition of religious organization.
However many people will not file such paperwork because they have things to hide or are trying to run a scam.

It is in my honest opinion that children of the serpent exist as a way for Teala and Katlin to make money off Satanists using such slogans as unity which is also bullshit because they are currently fighting with other Satanists and occultists that do not follow their dogma and doctrine.

Before you involve yourself with children of the serpent or any other religious/spiritual group ask their credentials and ask to see their legal paperwork or even reverend certificates.