Teala Curtis Children of the serpent cult of personality?

Children of the serpent cult of personality?



Noun(plural cults of personality)

  1. A situation where a leader (often a dictator) has been falsely idolized and made into a national or group icon and is revered as a result.The more and more that I read about people’s personal dealings with Teala and the children of the serpent the more I am convinced that she and her group are nothing more than a cult of personality.
    This cult mainly operates on facebook and youtube in the form of a “spiritual satanic new age movement”

    Teala presents herself as a happy outgoing accept everyone occultists promoting unity. Teala says that you can be what ever you want to be and that there are no limits or rules with in her “group” however reading peoples personal experiences she is the complete opposite.
    Here is one example from one person’s personal testimony
    teala curt

    I Must make it perfectly clear there is no conspiracy Between Michael Hyson,Robert Fraize and the Ancient church of god to take down the children of the serpent.
    we have all shared our own separate experiences with this cult as individuals not as a group effort.

    A peaceful new age “leader” such as what Teala portrays herself as would never go into her friends list demanding loyalty and asking people to be blocked.
    These are the actions of a paranoid control freak who wishes to control others so that she can create the narrative.
    sheep follow blindly and it seems that Teala does not want free thinking individuals as friends or apart of her organization she wants loyal “sheep”
    But this is just one of the many problems with children of the serpent Teals girl friend “raven white” has allegedly stolen money from people looking for services from the organization 

    You can read about my own personal dealings with Miss white here 
    It is in my honest Opinion that people look at this organization which is not filed with any state or gov agency and the allegations and testimony of those who have dealt with them before Joining or donating.
    Are you a free thinker or a sheep?


Exposing Kaitlin White children of the serpent

Exposing Kaitlin White children of the serpent


Who is Kaitlin white a.k.a Raven white?
To understand who this person is allow me to give my own testimony of my personal experiences with this so called “occultist”


In the summer of 2017 I was approached by Miss White after a falling out of a group I had and was immediately asked to help her with her fb covens.
I had explained to her that I did not play well with others and that I was not going to hold back my views of Theistic Satanism for others to twist into some new age crap.
I was told this would not be a problem so I accepted the offer.

Kaitlin told me that she had two kids that she had not seen in some time and wanted to get back to see them and asked if I had any money to help her travel I sent her some funds. I then got the idea that I could help her earn some money so I put her in charge of membership and donations for the church of leviathan/Traditional church of Satan.
things went ok for a little while but I began getting emails from people asking me where their product was.

Kaitlin did not keep a record like I asked her with receipts and addresses so that I could send orders such as membership certificates books and other things from our church.she finally admitted to me that she was asking people for more money then she was supposed to and was pocketing it on the side she was stealing from people and not even giving us  all of the donations that she received via her paypal.

I tried to be professional about this I fired miss white her actions where very unprofessional and she was scamming Satanists out of their money.
Right after I fired Miss white I was removed from her groups for being “dogmatic” and for attacking the “views” of others and then Kaitlin began to smear me with the following lies.

She claimed the church was a fraud and has no legal standing.
This is called a certificate of legal existence which can be ordered through the MASSachusetts secretary of state website a government website.
Miss white and her girlfriend Teala now claim that this certificate is fake and was made on google? Really this is what they claim.
col Here is a screen shot from the government website for the Secretary of state showing that the church has incorporated as a church corporation.
No it is not a for prophet business it is a chapter 180 Look that up.
Miss white then claims this is not federally recognized obviously they have no understanding how this works.

Miss white and her now Girlfriend Teala state that you can not run a church from an apartment which that too is a lie all that is needed is a place of worship and an principal office look this stuff up under irs guidelines if you wish.

Miss white has stated to numerous people that I live in my mother’s basement?
I rent an apartment it is under my name and yes My mother lives with me I take care of my mother who has advanced copd I am her main caregiver.
I have no shame in helping my mother I am a caring human being.

Kaitlin white Has two kids of which I found out she just gave up because she claimed she is too mentally ill to be around them.
But instead of getting proper care and taking her medication as prescribed miss white abandon her kids to drift around the country hooking up with various occultists and living off them for free.
Yet she makes fun of me for receiving survivor benefits and taking medication?
I do the right thing I make the right choices and I take care of my responsibilities.
If I did live in my mother’s basement that is a hell of alot better than drifting around and having sex with people for a place to live.

Ever since I fired Miss white she has had an agenda to smear me and attack me at every chance that she gets and I refuse to lay down and let her do it so here I am with my written testimony to archive on the internet forever thus allowing me to move on from her psychotic games.

Thank you for reading
Rev Fraize